Child Development Theories Research Paper

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After about five times of doing this with her father, Veronica tried it on her own. She needed help for the first two times, but on the third try was successful. She then practiced tying her shoe over and over for a good twenty minutes on her own until she was personally confident she had it down pat. Her beaming face of pride showed that she was pleased with her accomplishment.

Piaget's theories emphasize the importance of children having concrete learning experiences with actual objects in their environments as the only way for them to create mental maps of how things work both socially and physically. By teaching his daughter in the way that he did, Veronica's father was doing just this. He used a physical learning experience with an actual object from her environment (her shoe) to teach Veronica how to tie the shoe. By letting her practice on her own, he was giving Veronica the chance to create her own mental map of how a shoe is tied. Veronica was then able to relate the importance of knowing how to tie a shoe to her direct environment.

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Research Paper on Child Development Theories of Several Assignment

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