Child Developmental Psychology Essay

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Child Development -- Neonatal/Postnatal Transition

For the last several hours I have not been able to sleep or get comfortable. At least several times an hour I feel something squeezing me; it stops and then starts again a little while later. I also feel anxious, very much the same way my nervous system reacts after I hear those loud voices outside. The sounds don't actually scare me but I've noticed for at least a few months that the feelings that seem to come from inside me, from my blood, are somehow linked to the pitches, tones, and patterns of those voices outside. When the voices are soft and quiet, I usually feel calm and comfortable; but I've noticed that when they are loud it sometimes causes a rush of something in my system that makes me a little scared although I have no idea why. The same thing happens to me sometimes when I feel a much faster and jerkier pace to the jostling that I feel from the movements from outside even without any louder-then-usual voices from outside.

Now this is getting very annoying because I'm getting squeezed again only it is happening much more frequently; it seems like every few minutes; to top it off, I'm feeling very anxious too for some reason. Something has entered my word and that has never happened before. it's touching me and it is trying to turn me completely upside down. How rude.

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So now I am upside down and getting squeezed very hard; I don't like this and I haven't gotten much restful sleep since yesterday. Sleep is out of the question now because I'm being pushed around and poked from outside. There are many more voices than usual too and it is so bright outside that it's coming right through the walls of whatever this is that I've been living in for almost a year.

Essay on Child Developmental Psychology Assignment

Something is touching me on my head again and now I'm being pushed so hard that I may end up outside of wherever it is that I am. I knew it; my head is now outside and the rest of me is being squeezed very hard. There are more of those things like the one that was touching me before and rudely turning me upside down. This time, they seem to be all over me. Suddenly, I am no longer warm and comfortable at all and my chest is really beginning to hurt. It feels as though I desperately need to expand it somehow but I can't.

Suddenly, one of those rude things is holding me completely upside down by my ankles and another one smacks be on my bottom. All that does is make me cough but I still can't expand my chest. Why do I even want to? I don't know. A much smaller and thinner part of those things that have been bothering me all day is now inserting itself into my mouth and my throat and I'm getting really scared. Whatever that thing in my mouth was,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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