Child That Gives You Joy Every Person Research Proposal

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¶ … Child That Gives You Joy

Every person has a thing in life towards one feels that it has fulfilled one's existence. It can be a dream partner, a dream job, a new house or an exotic holiday. Whatever makes one happy, it is a thing that makes one smile, become motivated, enjoy life and, at the same time, it is a thing one could never live without.

For me as a grown up and as a woman, the moment that significantly changed my life and gave me new perspectives was fifteen years ago, the moment that marked the birth of my boy.

My world has spun around him ever since. I personally believe that a parent's greatest achievement consists in his offspring. Therefore, my constant activity was to raise my son surrounded with love and care and to provide him with everything he needed for a harmonious growth, both physical goods and also, values and education.

What is about my son that gives me joy? There are so many things I must say… being a mother legitimates me to believe that I have the best and the most beautiful and intelligent son one could have. I found joy in everything that he did, from the first smile, to the first steps and words. Later, I was joyful and proud to see him assimilating the values and norms I tried to inspire to him, to see him become a respectful and kind teenager.

It is difficult to ask a parent to adopt an objective style and to describe his child's abilities especially in a parent statement for a high school. Every child is the best for the ones who raise and love him.

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Yet, I will try to emphasize the concrete characteristics and abilities that best describe my son and that will assure you that he is suitable for entering your high school.

Research Proposal on Child That Gives You Joy Every Person Assignment

First of all, I must say that, as parents, both my husband and I have had a constant preoccupation for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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