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An estimated six million public school children in California will benefit from the NCLB, as well as 8,566 public schools and 299,897 teachers, with more than $5.4 billion allotted to aid local schools, an increase of 41.4% over the 2000 levels (Hauck 2002). Under NCLB, Title I funding increases to more than $1.7 billion, an increase of 55.8% of 2000 levels, and boosting the quality of education for disadvantaged school children (Hauck 2002). NCLB also provides $132.9 million for Reading First programs, $333.5 million to train and retrain skilled educators, $61.2 million to aid in providing safe and drug-free schools, $41.4 million for after-school programs for at-risk children, and $28.9 million for learning and teaching assessments (Hauck 2002). Moreover, Pell Grant funding increased some 24.3% over 2000 levels to $1.2 billion, ensuring greater access to college education for those students from disadvantaged backgrounds (Hauck 2002).

It may be too early to determine the extent of the NCLB success in California. For example, appropriated money for classroom technology will have to be used for NCLB requirements, such as the new teaching standards and certifications. However, the intention of NCLB is to ensure every student receives the quality education across the board, without exception. Thus, in twelve years, high school graduates will be better educated and better qualified for higher education.

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