Child Psychology Mander Term Paper

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Keith. (April 2004). "A risk and resiliency model of ambiguous loss in postdivorce stepfamilies." Journal of Communication, Vol. 4, Issue 2.

This study establishes the hypothesis that children who are known to be "capable of maintaining healthy relationships with other family members" are those who are best able to cope with family changes. These family changes include the loss of a parent (resulting from a divorce and one parent being a single parent) or the inclusion of a new parent and/or family. This study has relevance to single parenting and child development because it shows how single parenting is not a major factor affecting a person's development as an individual.

Guttmann, J. And M. Rosenberg. (September 2003). "Emotional intimacy and children's adjustment: a comparison between single-parent divorced and intact families." Educational Psychology, Vol. 23, Issue 4.

Important findings from this study show that single parents have "less intimate" relationships with their children than those families between children and their parents (from intact families). This study demonstrates how single parenting poses as a major influence in child development, and determining the factors that contribute to the decline in intimacy between single parent and child (children) is vital.

Dunn, J. And T. O'Connor. (December 2002). "Out of the picture: a study of family drawings by children from step-, single-parent, and non-step families." Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Vol.31, Issue 4.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Child Psychology Mander, G. (May Assignment

This study was conducted in order to determine how children cope with the effects of divorce and remarriage, which was found to affect their development. Results from the study reflect that non-biological relatedness, i.e., the addition of a step-family, results to greater disconnectedness between the…
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