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Some people might find some of these characteristics unpleasant or stressful, but because of my experience discussed below in my family's restaurant, I have learned that these things are not problems or drawbacks for me, leaving me to consider the positive aspects of being a pharmacist, and whether I am suited for the profession.

Because of the experience I have had in the hospital pharmacy, I have had an opportunity to evaluate the demands of this career well. I have also talked with the registered pharmacists at some length about what they do, and what they like and don't like about the job. The things they object to most, the paperwork and the pressure, are things I have learned to not bother me. I know this about myself because of what I have done to help my family's restaurant succeed. So, I find the prospect of a career in pharmacy an exciting one. I look forward to working with the many professionals who make up an individual patient's team of medical support, the opportunity to use my abilities in science, math, and technology, as well as the opportunity to work with other medical professionals to help patients in need.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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My cultural background will be an advantage also in a society as culturally diverse as the United States. I immigrated with my family to the United States only four years ago, when I was 18. In those four years I have learned to read, write and speak English, although I expect to continue to improve for some time. Since none of my family speaks English well, I had to do this on my own, taking English as a Second Language classes at a local community college before moving on to college-level coursework. Meanwhile, my father and aunt opened a restaurant, and I have helped them run it while going to school. Because I could speak English so much better than them, I have helped with the business end of the restaurant, doing all the paperwork including employee records and scheduling customer relationships, health department inspections, and all the other many details that go into running a restaurant. Through this experience I learned that I handle details well and can work efficiently under pressure, and that I am a team player who gets along well with a wide variety of people.

While I am proud of the work I have done with my family to help their restaurant become a success, running a restaurant does not satisfy my desire to have a career that makes an important difference in people's lives. It doesn't make use of my science and technological skills. Volunteering in the University Hospital pharmacy was an interesting contrast to the restaurant, because there is the same fast-paced environment and need to work together, but for different reasons. Those reasons that are personally important to me. Pharmacists make an important difference in people's lives. A career in pharmacy would combine my personal strengths of being able to work effectively with a wide variety of personalities and professionals and make use of my abilities in science and technology while making an important contribution to the society that has become my new home. It is what I want to do. When I look back on my life some day, I want to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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