Childhood Obesity/Exercise the Study Annotated Bibliography

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11 program (Schmolck, 2002; cited in Aktar-Danesh et al., 2011, p. 70).

Thirty-three parents (one father and thirty-two mothers) completed the questionnaire. Of these, nineteen were characterized by their confidence that they were delivering healthy nutrition to themselves and their families. Thirteen parents were characterized by their focus on physical activity and its role in childhood obesity. Although the parents in the study differed in their focus (healthy food vs. physical activity), most parents were aware of healthy nutrition. Both groups agreed that physical activity is very important to a child's health. The findings of this study are in agreement with findings by Nazario Rodriguez, Figueroa, Rosado, & Partilla (2008) and Myers and Vargas (2000).

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The literature review by Aktar-Danesh et al. supports the need for their study because it highlighted the growing rates of childhood obesity and the significant role played by lifestyle preferences and cultural environment. For example, the researchers cited studies showing increases in sugar intake and portion sizes in the Untied States, and increasing time spent in childcare by preschool-aged children. Parents may have little or no control over what children eat when not in their care. The authors also cited studies that show the degree to which the environment plays a role in childhood obesity through physical activity patterns and food intake at school. Again, parents have little or no control of what their children eat or what level of activity they enjoy when they are not in the home. Thus, the researchers felt it was important to discern the attitudes and perceptions of parents with very young children since that is when they most likely have the most control and when they can be most influential in developing good health habits.

TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Childhood Obesity/Exercise the Study by Assignment

Aktar-Danesh et al. conceded there were limitations to the study because the group was homogeneous in their education -- about eighty percent had at least post-secondary education. In addition, the participants were all from a relatively small community where playing outdoors was not an issue, as it might be in large or urban communities. As previously stated, however, Q-study results are not meant to be generalized to larger populations but to ascertain viewpoints, which this study did.

The results of the study indicated that parents had varying focus on the causation of obesity and tended to focus on either nutrition or physical activity. This evidence suggested to the authors that future work should focus on applying these findings to other populations and examining the influence of parents' attitudes and beliefs on actual behaviors. The study also suggests that education is necessary to bring into focus both nutrition and physical activity for children, rather than focusing one on or the other.


Akhtar-Danesh, N., Dehghan, M., Morrison, K.M., & Fonseka, S. (2011). Parents' perceptions and attitudes on childhood obesity: AQ-methodology study.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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