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[. . .] The differences in the mental maps of various individuals when combined into the world of reality have many different outcomes that can result in terms of their effect on the creation of the real world and individually created human conceptual maps. Just as this is related by Gopnik to be true in practice it is not possible to place precise predictions on tomorrow because of the variations in terms of the decisions, failure to decide, actions, or inactions of the human being and the results of the dooming remarks of the woman in this story narrating their existence. Consider for example what is known as the 'zootsuit' which is a civilian suit of clothing worn in New York City during the time of the mafia wars in New York City. The following illustration shows an example of the zootsuit.

Figure 1

The 19290s In New York City and the Infamous Zootsuit

Source:: Illustration Adapted from the Works of: American Vintage Costumers' in the Seattle Historic District. ( ) Retrieved from:

IX. Change is New York City and New York City is Change

While Gopnik relates in his essays the belief that New York City would remain the same across time, he also relates the lesson that this simply is not and cannot be the case or indeed if New York City is still New York City. It is a city in which history is honored and revered but change viewed as inherent and something that cannot and should not be changed. New York City is a City of life, growth, transformation and even in the static corridors of the City Museums represented is that living entity known as New York City and a milestone in the City's growth that is worthy of recognition.

The differences that exist among the many tens of thousands living in New York City has historically been such that was a flavor of society that seasoned the ever-evolving and changing soup or the teeming of life in New York City. Societal change is such that bubbles along much like what is known as pot-luck or goulash a soup comprised of incidental mixing of variously available ingredients together to form the surprise soup. New Yorkers understand this fact inherently because the thought of New York City always remaining the same would render New York devoid of its historical and traditional charm.

Consider that New York City is the location of / Ellis Island, the gateway to living in America by many generations of immigrants into the land characterized by both democracy and freedom. Ellis Island and the variations of effects of individual mind mapping both in terms of the progression of history but also in terms of the mental mapping shifts represented through each advancing historical age or period and the reality of the world and society that results from these various impacts and resolutions of events.

A Final Thought

The word impromptu describes a state of unplanned musical composition or acting, reacting, creating or otherwise applying oneself to allowable whimsical beginnings but as well describes a process or experience in which one is not tied to the definite, proven and methodological processes toward reaching a goal and even the goal is such that may be undefined when anything is done 'impromptu'. Ad lib is another way to describe how the city of New York has been mapped by both the cartographer and the progression of mental maps created throughout the City's development over the past 100 years. To ad lib is to use verbal language in relating a story that has not been rehearsed or prepared in advance.

Therefore, the City of New York in terms of its mapping and development, has been created then, in a manner that seeks more toward the actual preservation of rather than the perpetuation of the existence previously known by the individual and their society. The living and breathing City of New York, home to Ellis Island and many other historical landmarks in the history of the United States, is not the same today as it were in the 1920s, 1930s, and even 40's as the city is always changing and never remaining the same. The City of New York does simultaneously value the classical and traditional famously-cited fashions, foods, and preferences that are changed by such variable influence existing in the City and that serve to change through various actions, interactions, or even lack of reaction in the City of New York.


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