China Has Held Essay

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Men were the ones who worked and earned a living while women stayed at home to clean and raise the children. Although many revolution resulted in some change towards women's equality, China is yet to treat women as equal to men.

Gender inequality still remains an issue in China, but history shows that people have and will continue to fight for gender equality. People like Mao Zedong took something like Communism and provided a platform for others to change Chinese society. He set in motion laws and events that helped the cause of gender equality. Although Mao was never truly successful in accomplishing his goals, he took a chaotic country and formed a movement that generated hope in a people.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Hope is what propels the present effort of people in China to birth much needed change towards a stable and peaceful environment. Its people like Mao Zedong and Ding Ling who continue to inspire the youth of today and the future to pursue a life of revolution. For society needs to change in order to see a happy tomorrow. Women should and must be treated equally for any people to prosper. As Mao once stated, women are the other half of…
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