China and IP My Research Essay

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Awokuse and Yin (2010) study the relationship between the degree of intellectual property rights protections in China and foreign direct investment. This linkage forms a key part of the argument. There are many other studies that can be cited, and it is well worth stepping outside the library to gather primary source data as well.

There are three main points of argument that I expect to develop. The first is the premise that intellectual property rights form an integral part of the framework of global commerce. The second point is that China's intellectual property rights protections are below the standards of other major trading nations. The third point is that these substandard protections are having an adverse effect on China's economy. A variety of economic statistics can be used to support this line of logic.

There may be some objections to my position. One potential objection is that China's growth has been robust without good intellectual property protections, and it is mere speculation to argue that its economy could have performed better with stronger protections.

I believe that I am on target to have an outline by November 16th.

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Awokuse, T. & Yin, H. (2010). Intellectual property rights protection and the surge in FDI in China. Journal of Comparative Economics. Vol. 38 (2) 217-224.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on China & IP My Research Assignment

Keupp, M.; Beckenbauer, A. & Gassmann, O. (2009). How managers protect intellectual property rights in China using de facto strategies.…
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