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(Bede's Library, Christianity and Pagan Literature)

However, this does not necessarily mean that libraries were not destroyed, and in a world where art and knowledge are revered and valued more than human lives, such wanton destruction by any one will not be tolerated by anybody at all. In fact, Christian and Roman Emperors are said to have destroyed quite a few texts of that time, and the fact is that the destruction had nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity and the Christian Faith. The relationship between the state and the Roman soothsayers of the time has always been shrouded in mystery and has in fact remained quite ambiguous, even today. It was often stated that these people were evil, and they were dangerous people who had to be controlled, at any cost. This was probably the reason that they were regulated by the state, and if ever they happened to be caught working unofficially, then they would be persecuted so that they would not repeat again what they had done.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Christianity the Breaking or the Assignment

At this time, even astrologers were persecuted and punished severely, and this lasted throughout the duration of the Empire. It is said that Augustus, who became the High Priest at that time, collected quite a few prophetic books, and set fire to all of them. When Constantine happened to make Christianity the official religion in the Roman Empire, it made no difference to the Empire, and the fact remained that the people were all at that point of time, true Pagans. It can be said here that the Christian Church at that time had a very liberal and a healthy attitude towards magic and towards all its related subjects, because of the fact that it merely dismissed them as being subjects that were not at all worthy of discussion. One of the last Pagan Emperors, named Julian, vowed that he would try his very best to restore Paganism, and also stated that all the good deeds and good ideals of Christians was interfering with his idea. The Roman Empire was, eventually converted from Paganism to Christianity because of the fact that if anyone wanted to do anything or go anywhere, it would be better for them if they were of the Christian Faith, and therefore, most people lost absolutely no time into converting themselves into Christianity. (Bede's Library, Christianity and Pagan Literature)

Biblical literalists, however, are today faced with problems with modern democratic states, and some of these are quite understandable form their point-of-view. For example, in religious Zionism, it has been quoted, "the people of Israel, on the land of Israel, according to the laws of Israel," and this would probably always remain the symbol of Zionism. (Halacha and Democracy) The period in the History of man, named 'Modernism' generally refers to a mental outlook that differs in many ways form the medieval times, and two important principles demonstrate this fact, one being that the authority of the Church is diminishing, and the other being that the authority of science is increasing. In fact, after the American Revolution, due to which the 'rights of man' were made known to all of Europe, the modern age, in which the American President, George Bush is a major part, invoked Christ, and stated that Christ was Bush's 'favorite philosopher'.

In fact, the wars that he happened to launch on the Arab world has often been referred to him as being a 'crusade', just like in the Biblical times, when crusades were a part of daily life. George Bush is probably one of the Christians of the modern world who have exhibited extreme disdain and disrespect for democratic institutions in many ways, as seen in his determination to pass and to enact certain Bills that are regressive as well as plutonic, and which are stiffly opposed by a large section of the American public. His Iraq occupation is also viewed by most Americans as being a blatant flaunting of the rules of a free and democratic state. (King George, Prince Abdullah, Global Warming)

It can be stated that those people who do not acknowledge the existence of a God who was also creative, have accused believers that they have their heads literally buried in the sand as far as the issue of Darwin' theory and evolution of Man are concerned. However, Darwin may not be sufficient enough to describe what man actually knows about the facts of creation, and some evolutionists have even come up with the idea that the large gaps in the theory of Evolution at the time of fossil records can just be jumped over, thus leaving gaps called 'punctuated equilibrium'. But the real fact is that this sort of theory only serves to elaborate further on the 'missing link' concept, and therefore does not in any way account for the origin of the species. The creationists, who have as their basis, the Book of Genesis, from the Old Testament of the Bible, insist that in any case, Faith must triumph over science. (No Pundit Intended, Intelligent Design)

Therefore, it can be said that Intelligent Design does not in any way rely on the Bible in any way, for its theses and theories, and in the same way, science cannot explain fully the numerous discrepancies in creation. Today, even the Roman Catholic Church has started to change its basic teachings on the question of evolution, and the theory of evolution is being adapted. (No Pundit Intended, Intelligent Design) Perhaps the problems that Christian literalists have been facing with modern Democratic states would be solved, and perhaps not, but the fact remains that one must believe in what one really wants to, and one must be able to teach one's children what one believes in, as well, and when this happens, there would be a better understanding of the Christian Faith for everyone concerned.


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