Christians and the Environment Research Paper

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Many people, good Christians included, believe that dealing with some of the suffering of humanity is at a higher level of importance than the environment.

However, the problem with this viewpoint is that the environment underscores all human interactions. An abused and neglected environment is the sign of an abused and neglected psyche of society at large. The two are reflective of one another. In healing the environment, we're healing ourselves. There's a reason why so much violence occurs in neighborhoods where filth and poverty reside: the reasons are multi-faceted, but the environment is a contributing factor.

Thus, as responsible Christians, we owe it to ourselves to bring the environment back to a state where it can be enjoyed and respected once more. As responsible Christians, we owe it to our future generations to bring the environment back to a state where it can be enjoyed and appreciated. And we also have the obligation to acknowledge that the environment, as a gift from God, needs to be cared for as lovingly as God cares for us. It is by using these pillars that we will be proactively engaging in God's good work.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Christians and the Environment When Assignment

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