Chromatography the Purpose of This Experiment Lab Report

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The purpose of this experiment is to observe/demonstrate one technique for separating mixtures or compounds we find in the world, and to understand the principles behind this technique. This knowledge and experience provides insights into the scientific method and some of the knowledge derived through this method of empirical investigation.

Much if not most of the world we interact with is made up of mixtures or compounds, from the clothes we wear to the drinks we imbibe to the fuels we put in out cars. Sometimes it becomes necessary to separate the individual constituent parts from each other and identify them and their quantities, for a variety of reasons. Chromatography is a broad set of techniques that enable this separation and identification by using combinations of stationary and moving phases to "stretch out" a substance in a manner that separates its constituent parts. This experiment demonstrates one specific type of chromatography using a filter paper, water, and a the test mixture whose parts will be variably attracted to the paper and the water, leading to different rates of progress through the filter paper. As the water is drawn through the paper, the parts of the text mixture more attracted to the paper will travel slower, while those more attracted to the water will travel faster.

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The pre-lab question appears to be either, which student will get to the library first? or, which colors are mixtures, and what are they mixtures of? The answer to the first question is: the new kid will arrive at the library first. With fewer other people (molecules) attracted to him and blocking his way, he has a free course to travel (analogous to a substance more attracted to water). The popular student will have other people (molecules) clinging to him, slowing his progress (like a substance with strong attraction to the filter paper. When it comes to typical markers,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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