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¶ … Ministry Mediation Proposal

Purpose of the ministry

CMC isn't involved itself with courts and legal proceedings. However, it works to close the gap between parents, adults, children ranging from 15 to 18 years of age along with single parents. The reasons are multiple however. They help in reaching a plausible solution for their fellow Christians (Buelle, 2005). The mediators won't decide the result of a disagreement but they will help in attaining plausible solutions. They are unbiased jury, who works for reaching an understanding and promote dialogue, recognizing the demands and requirements, offer brainstorming services as well along with problem solving methods. These methods will be used to attain logical agreements and make decisions viable for both parties (Boulle, 2005). CMC is different from legal meditation. The mediators in this case will require negotiation and facilitation skills, apart from that many other skills and abilities. They must have a knowhow of bible and its working with common population, being impartial in the most extreme of issues and solving issues with a cool head (Boulle, 2005). The approach of CMC is to use mediation process productively in the light of Christian ethics, biblical morals and scripture direction. With the help of mediation, the aim is to glorify god by retaining relations and brotherly love (Boulle, 2005).


Ministry and counseling philosophy

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CMC doesn't involve court and legal processes at all. All it does is to solve the personal issues between single parents and adolescents. No lawyers and court systems are used in this case, as the Christians are able to reach a solution mutually agreeable for both parties (Boulle, 2005).

Term Paper on Church and Mediation Services Assignment

The mediator doesn't need to decide what the solution is. His job is to ensure that negotiations go smoothly and see through a solution to which both parties agree wholeheartedly. The mediator remains impartial. His job is to ensure that terms and conditions are met and understood by both parties. Sometimes, both the parties haven't seen through in absence of prior planning and discussion. In this case, the mediator remedies a situation. Thus, they can solve the issue at hand together. Thus, the parties reach an amicable solution in the presence of a mediator (Boulle, 2005).

The Christian mediators aren't just mediators with professional mediation experience. They are more than that. They are armed with negotiating skills, facilitation and quick decision making skills too. Apart from that, the Christian mediators are well versed in Christian ethics and doctrines given in Holy Bible with a deep burning urge to see peace. They must remain neutral and rather than advising party's solution, they should let decide the parties themselves. They should be the torch bearers of peace and brotherhood. They need strength too from within. The primary objective here is to speak about god, protect Jesus Christ and exercise Christian brotherhood (Boulle, 2005).

4) the use of supporting scriptures regarding the vision and purpose

Humans aren't perfect creatures as from time to time issues occur between people. Thus, Gospel states that reconciliation and forgiveness must be imparted. Therefore, as people of one god, we must right our wrongs (Boulle, 2005).

The world's court can solve all the cases. According to the Holy Scripture, our faith is lost in due time as judgment is given in our favor. It is important to solve the issues between brothers. Jesus Christ would often be a mediator to solve issues between people prior worship (Boulle, 2005).

Jesus Christ insisted on solving the peace issues with urgency. it's something which should be solved quickly and without further ado. Severed relations tend to hurt the human heart and disrupt the inner peace of a Christian as well. Severed ties between two parties certainly have severed ties with close friends, family, friends and colleagues. A severed relationship isn't just about a party alone (Boulle, 2005).

Apart from that, at CMC, the work of Holy Spirit and its mission is severed by severed personal relations. Quarrels and disagreements are bound to happen from time to time. According to gospel, peace and forgiveness are the lifeblood of human life (Boulle, 2005).

Apostle Paul says that, Christians can't sue each other in world courts. Rather, they should make use of another process given in Matthew to solve matters without further ado. In this case, the Christian mediators can be quite useful (Boulle, 2005).

Solving interpersonal issues and conflicts is of paramount importance as god believes in forgiveness. Peace and tranquility are a given prior to worshipping in a church. Peace must be made with a brother / sister who is hurt and deeply wounded by harsh words (Boulle, 2005).

According to Bible, not solving serious personal issues has grave consequences for that matter. Even in the case where the party agrees to forgive each other but avoid physical meeting with each other, rest of the people also suffer from this severed relation. One dispute affects all the parties involves. It changes the way they talk and live with others. It includes family, friends, colleagues and people in the office place (Boulle, 2005).

Being divided is counterproductive to human protection and strength. The respect of the church is simply dissolved when quarrels occur between Christians. Apart from that, gospel speaks of peace and forgiveness, which is sometimes, raised an eye brow to. There is a plethora of instances where, Christian mediation has inspired and influenced many outside parties as well. According to god, 'pursue peace with all men, in the absence of which no one can stand in front of the Lord' (Hebrews 12:14) (Boulle, 2005).


Ministry's scope

This ministry aims to solve the woes and issues of adolescents and single parents.

6) the hours and location/s of services




7) Accessing the ministry and its process

If single parents, adults and teenage kids want to contact us, they can obtain a referral from court, lawyers and specific services. After their approval to our program is confirmed, then the single parents, adults and teenage kids will be asked to submit questionnaires and consent forms. The team will review the case before an interview. Apart from that, court documents are also read prior to reading reports. Sometimes, the parents have a lawyer, then he can consult the ins and outs of a case before starting such programs to broadly illustrate the cause and reason of the intervention (Parselle, 2005).

8) the duration and process of care

The procedure for the service

The programs are based on solutions and approach based on action. Apart from that, the adolescents and single parents are given clinical educational response. Then, they are also given response for their specific situation at hand.

This process takes three hours where, two or more team mates will conduct a parents-single parent's interview as some other team mates observe from behind the curtains. The team will discuss when the need arises. Before this meeting, they will make use of the intake materials and talk it out prior to this parents meeting (Parselle, 2005).

Looking after the patients

On the interview day, two team members will conduct an interview with the parents; together or in private for that matter as senior team members keep a close watch. The team can meet the children and decide further on before the meeting. The observing team members can also join the meeting and ask further questions or seek clarifications (Parselle, 2005).

The team members can discuss the response and their conclusions drawn from the meeting. This feedback can be shown to the parents as well. Family Solution Team can assist with the job of interventions and services required at the earliest. We can also give reference to other highly specialized personnel and individuals who can provide various other services needed. The primary aim is parents to recognize the needs and demands of their children. To attain that cause, they will require some assistance to meet those needs (Parselle, 2005).

9) the potential benefits of the ministry

A number of families can meet the challenges and do what must be done to start reinstate equilibrium as well as balance within the family structure shaken with discord and disagreement. The crucial factor here is the term "do what must be done." This, according to us, is the faltering block, the impediment to moving ahead. At our ministry we concentrate on "having the knowledge of what must be done." The issue has never been in the doing/action. The issue has been more in the understanding and knowing. So as to offer families with the prospect to explore their options the CMC intends to shape programs founded on the needs and requirements of the family (Winslade and Monk, 2000).

Our teams of mediator will be accessible and they will work with the single parents and adolescents and execute both services as well as interventions. We will additionally refer the families to other groups or individuals, who are capable of offering comparable services. It is our aspiration that the single parents and adolescents leave the mediation program with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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