Cigarette Smoking Term Paper

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Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is and has always been a fashionable and very destructive activity in the same time. Thousands of people die every day as a result of having smoked directly or passively, and, in spite of that, people continue to be attracted to the performance. Smoking is one of the simplest ways of affecting the body and, eventually, of committing suicide. This activity has been presumably carried out by people for several millennia, at first by shamans or priests, and, in the recent centuries, by people everywhere. People take up smoking as a pleasurable activity and gradually get caught up by the addicting effects that nicotine has, to the point that they cannot escape the habit.

It is a mystery how individuals continue to smoke consequent to the first time that they inhale the mix of toxic substances. It is definitely not an enjoyable performance, with the feeling that it gives being more than irritating.

People in the west become aware of the dangers of smoking in the recent decades, and, as a result, consume of tobacco has decreased notably there. However, smoking continues to be an important threat, as it is related to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, impotence, and numerous lung affections.

Smoking has become widely used worldwide ever since it has first appeared in Europe. Even with its clear harmful nature, people continue to smoke tobacco, regardless of the effects that it has on their bodies.

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In the present day people generally start to smoke from an early age, because of various reasons. Firstly, they do so because they see it in adults, and, thus, they consider it to be something that is risk-free. Young people are also influenced by their entourage to start smoking, as consequent to seeing a popular friend smoke leads them wanting to also smoke, in hope that it would bring them popularity. The human race has always been attracted to performing new activities and to experimenting. Certain activities have proved to be beneficial subsequent to people having tried them. However, the smoking of tobacco is definitely not one of the respective activities.

Term Paper on Cigarette Smoking Assignment

When parents warn their children that smoking is dangerous and that they are not allowed to do it, they indirectly set off something that has children being attracted to the action. When relating to smoking, a great number of people can remember the times when… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Cigarette Smoking Term Paper

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