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Another element that plays a big part in this 2009 motion picture was the different clothing, props, hair styles, and what the characters looked like through the entire movie because there was mostly men with dark trousers and hats with white looking shirts and some with suspenders from how the men had wore their clothes back in those days. You seen every women in the movie with a dress, her hair fixed up to a tee kind of pulled back or in a curly looking little bob hairstyle who always had make-up perfectly in place, and the lipstick from the movies is always noticeable that the cinematographers seem to add to these movies. The cars were old model As and Ts, and every car in the movie was nearly a black looking color with the exception of some, yet back before even that time the only car color you could get was black until technology started getting better with color in automobiles like it did the same with movies, too. Most things that people bought back then were handmade anyway, so a lot of the things back then and the machinery was not complicated, the guns booming with their loud rounds because they were so much more to a gun back then that these criminals and other characters are carrying throughout the movie. The long trench coats show that it is winter time throughout the entire movie, and everyone was all bundled up for the most part, and all the men had the hairstyles that were slicked back like a lot of men did in that time with the grease. All these gangster and other types in the movie looked quite classy considering the type of people that were put in to the storyline because most of them had money even though it was 80 years ago, and they showed it off.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Film Review on Cinematography Order Cinematography and Film Assignment

The music is really different in this film for the fact that it usually sounds like it is coming from someone on a record player in the background, however, that is the way it is supposed to sound. Audiences who can remember back that far may be able to get more involved in the movie the more the movie reminds them of the good ole days as people call it when the men did what they wanted and the ladies stayed at home taking care of the children, just like with the Goodfellas when you compare it with Public Enemy. This seemed older fashioned in that movie like they had not changed as much, but you can bet in the last 20 to 25 years a lot of things have changed, and most people do not even dress up as much as people did back then. I know that a lot of the music is put well when it goes from a heavy acting scene to a smooth and more quiet one because it will go from being relaxing from wide open when there is a bunch of action, gunfire, fighting, and suspenseful scenes taking place. The type of music that is like actual music from that day in time is hard to pick up on anymore and there is usually no modern stations that play such music, and many times the only time people hear this kind of music is from something they find online in the media, on a website, or in a movie because it is so different than it was 80 years ago.

What goes on in the scenes has to be just as important than the other elements because it is another factor in what makes up a scene which means more to put on the director's role, however, him and the cinematographer have to work together to decide what is best for that particular actor, set, scene, or even what they decide to say or the storyline and how it is supposed to go. However, it has been rumored that sometimes they will have an actor or an actress who does well in a certain role may ad lib or change up what is said just a bit at times when there are different directors and cinematographers that are like that. While the director is making sure each person and prop is in place, the cinematographer make sure it looks right, therefore, if they think that if it does not also fit right with the words, then they have to work together to change it to where what is going on and how it is going on in the circumstances of scene are well matched together. Everything has to be exactly right for them to agree that the scene is suitable to call it the final one that the director and cinematographer is happy with. When things are right with what is going on, as well as what is being said, what is happening in the background, and what the audience hears then it works much smoother as seems more realistic. A lot of times the older movies that were made in this time has the picture rolling but the voices do not always line up with the character moving their mouth and it is not a well done job, but so much has changed this day in time that the lip syncing was first put in to play.

With the Public Enemy motion picture and cinematography that went on within the movie is quite an exceptional job, and I think the overall reality look of the scene was a really well handled job and a hard job to get through where everyone is happy. It takes so much money for each actor, each crew member, and other parts of the costs for making the movie, that film crews will spend millions on having the perfect looking and sounding movie, along with the perfect looking and sounding actors to fill those parts and can make the scene even realer than it already is. These cinematographers work just as hard as the directors do in order to make sure that the scenes are where they need to be in order to make them gripping to where people will enjoy going to the movie theaters and spending hard earned money to see them and be happy with what they watch. You can bet if the cinematography was not captured from every angle of what it was supposed to have been like in 1933, then there would have been a lot of dissatisfied people once the movie hit the cinemas and on DVD. I know a lot of people, depending on who the actual person is, may look at scenes differently than say what another person may see within a scene because they pick of a different message, an even better understanding, or they enjoy certain types of movies over another. I feel that people have to like this type of movie to enjoy it and its storyline and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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