Cinnatus When Comparing the Passage(s) From Kolyma Term Paper

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When comparing the passage(s) from Kolyma Tales and the Beheading the reader is much like the two main characters in the stories; Cincinnatus and Dugaev, in that, like these two characters, the reader too is surprised by the ending. This surprise is despite the fact that the reader is being hit over the head with enough information to make a foregoing conclusion almost mandatory.

Between the two main characters, there is enough surprise at their own demise that the reader is asked to be surprised as well, and at the very least is caught off guard by the simplicity of reaction(s) by the characters.

With such simplicity, the passages, and the stories from which they are derived, seem to have a common thread or theme although written by two unique writers from two different eras, and two totally different settings. The theme of each story is that men will be taken advantage of, especially those who involve themselves in speaking out against regimes, or governments.

Dugaev, probably due to his relative youth when compared to Cincinnatus, is an especially poignant character, as he did not see his death coming in any fashion. This is evidenced by some of his remarks throughout the story including; "he rolled a thin cigarette, and handed it to Dugaev. Go ahead, he said, but leave me some. Dugaev was surprised, since he and Baranov had never been particularly friendly." (21-22) This passage portrayed the fact that Dugaev had been searching for a cigarette after completing his evening meal (if it could be called that), and found Baranov offering him his last bit of tobacco.

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The reader can see what Dugaev seems unable to, and that is the people who surround Dugaev know something that the young man is totally unaware of. They are offering him their pity, because they know that he is in desperate need of it, and though they have very little to offer, he (astute college student though he is) still seems unaware of his perilous situation.

Term Paper on Cinnatus When Comparing the Passage(s) From Kolyma Assignment

Cincinnatus on the other hand knows that his death is imminent, but refuses to believe it anyway. Cincinnatus is told right away that his sentence was death; "In accordance with the law, the death sentence was announced to Cincinnatus C. In a whisper." (11) That… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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