Essay: CIO Moral Imperative

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[. . .] Using PDF files/scanners to retain and exchange documents is something else that should be done to reduce the use of paper that is not necessary to execute the applicable daily tasks.

As noted in the answer to the first question, going green may mean more, not less, spending on some action items but that does not mean that it is not worth the extra time and expense and/or that it is not the right thing to do. Just as some business expenses are pure discretionary such as coffee, decorations and so forth, going green is a way to benefit humanity, society and the mindset of the business that is engaging in the green ventures. At the end of the day, if the CIO and other executives of a firm are not behind any greening efforts, they will almost certainly not be successful even if the officers are not active stifling it. An example of having the best of both worlds is to encourage and enable homeshoring of workers unless a central office is necessary. It often is not necessary (YEC, 2013)

3. When the CIO ponders customers, he can think narrowly or broadly, that is internally or externally. His strategies will differ from one to the other. Explain this.

Customers can take on many forms. Many people no doubt think of shoppers or clients when they say the word "customer" but it can actually pertain to anyone within or that works directly with the company (e.g. vendor, contractor, etc.) that needs something fulfilled within a company. In short, it includes not only external clients but many internal clients such as executives, operations staff, customer service staff, salespeople and so on.

On a similar note, the strategy will indeed vary from internal to external customers. The tone of the conversation, the bluntness of the conversation, how struggles and conflicts are handled and so forth will all vary quite a bit. For example, internal customers will tend to be much more blunt and open with one another while communications with external customers will be much more diplomatic and softened because the nature of the relationship is much more discretionary and potentially fleeting not to mention the fact that external customers are needed for a firm to survive or thrive.

That being said, the stakes are no less when dealing with internal customers because if those relationships are in discord, the effects can be just as bad, if not worse, than if there is a problem with external customer relations. Even so, the demeanor and root goal of the conversations and interactions will tend to be much different between internal and external customers and any good CIO (or other executive/decision maker) in a firm must know this and act as if it's the case because it most certainly is.

The key is to look at the large picture and take all possibilities and components into account. There are indeed something that cannot or at least should not be sacrificed but nothing else should be off the table. For example, having a cool room for one's network equipment is a necessity if the network infrastructure is necessary but requiring employees drive into work every day even though they can be just as productive at home is often silly. People at firms Yahoo may disagree and there is indeed a lot of good effects to be had for both internal and external customers if home-shoring is allowed. That is but one example of how a stronger focus on internal and external customers can pay massive dividents (Null, 2013).


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