Essay: Citicorp Center Made Me

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[. . .] 6.1aNo, it is not, although he or she may work with previous customers he or she does not lure away.

b The engineer must not use proprietary knowledge regardless of the status of the employer if he or she signs a confidentiality agreement -- there are no universal ethical standards, although agreements may vary from employer to employer. In general, barring such an agreement, the informal standard would be if the original organization would be harmed by the disclosure of such knowledge.

6.5. The unique automatic train control required fail-safe mechanisms to ensure that when certain aspects of the system failed, other parts of the system could take over, or, shut the system down in a safe manner.

6.7. Yes, the technical problems they determined were serious and discounted by managers for political rather than legitimate technical reasons.

6.8 Yes, the three engineers in question lost their jobs for being honest and forthright, in addition to the concerns raised by their allegations.

6.10. Engineers are professionals, and like lawyers and doctors possess an ethical responsibility to the public that goes beyond their personal self-interest.

Rights: As a member of the state's environmental protection agency, I must protect the rights of the environment and citizens. All citizens have an equal right to enjoy a healthy and safe environment. Also, I am a spokesperson for the rights of being who cannot speak, such as the animals harmed by the spill.

Duty: As the CEO of XYZ, it is my duty to ensure that the company is profitable, so I can enrich the shareholders and also ensure that employees that work here have work. This duty goes above all other possible duties I might have as a citizen.

Utilitarian: Attorneys at XYZ who handle environmental affairs might think that they have finite resources to pursue environmentally-related cases, and must pick and choose their battles when bringing prosecution.

Utilitarian: Other industries faced with similar environmental problems might think that the less regulations the better for all members of all affected industries.

Virtue: Members of the community whose health may be adversely affected if XYZ and other industries do not responsibly handle environmental problems would likely feel that it is immoral to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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