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City of God, Augustine defends the Christians against critics who blame them for the fall of Rome. Critics believed that it was due to the abandonment of the Roman gods in favor of Christianity that resulted in the empire's demise, because they reasoned that the gods were angry and thus had cursed them. However, Augustine claimed that the calamities of Rome happened long before Christ and had nothing to do with the popularity of Christianity, relying on historical philosophy to mount his defense. He believed that the city of God consisted of the holy angels and the elect among humanity, while the city of men was the earthly city and was comprised of the humans and angels who were in rebellion against God. He also believed that the church was a militant kingdom, in which it was at war with the enemies of Christ and the lusts within its members (Augustine). Moreover, Augustine viewed sexuality in terms of an interior state, in that all sexuality and sensual please consisted of the conquest of the carnal will, thus he developed a strict puritanical posture towards sexuality. According to Augustine, sexual reproduction was the natural means of creating humans for the friendship of community, and that the union between a man and woman should be bonded by the same goal. Furthermore, he linked sexual intercourse and procreation as God's intention and the natural reality of God.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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According to most modern rabbinical scholars, the Christian concept of salvation from sin has no equal in Judaism, which does not believe that man is evil and sinful by nature, thus there is no need to be "saved" (Jewish). Moreover, they do not believe in a literal hell as a place of eternal punishment,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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