City Hall Plaza Boston Term Paper

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City Hall Plaza, Boston

City Hall Plaza -- Boston

When most people hear about Boston, they often think of the most historic places including: Beacon Hill and the Paul Revere House. This is important, because these and many other structures establish the basic foundation of the city. As they serve not only a cultural oasis, but as a symbol of Boston itself. However, some sites throughout the city have been facing a number of different issues over the last several years. Once such location; is the City Hall Plaza as it was voted the worst piece of architecture in the world, by the Project for Public Places. This is significant, because this is confirming many criticisms the structure would face since 1970's. To fully understand the different site planning issues and public space related to the building along with its plaza requires: examining the architecture (as it relates to the site), elements that are placed around the plaza, the landscape, the slope / contour of the building, ADA responses, the location of the entrance, the placement of the structure in comparison with surrounding architecture and the relationship between historical buildings / contemporary architecture. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to the overall planning issues facing the City Hall Plaza and the building itself. ("Boston City Hall," 2010)

Architecture as it pertains to site.

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The building's placement was to ensure that the city government would be in the heart of Boston. As it would utilize modern materials for construction (such as: steel and cement). At the same time, it would embrace the ultra modern design of architectural planning from the 1960's. The structure is located just south of Boston Common and is sitting at Boylston / Tremont Streets. It is easily accessible to pedestrians, but is challenging for vehicles (as far as parking spaces are concerned). On the human scale, the structure was designed to impress visitors and highlight the transparency of the city government. ("Boston City Hall," 2010)

Term Paper on City Hall Plaza Boston Assignment

Other Plaza site elements that are placed on the plaza and at its edges. Are they useful and for what purpose?

On the edges of the plaza are: a recessed fountain, umbrella shaded… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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