City of Hope Team Develops Smart Bomb Term Paper

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¶ … City of Hope team develops "smart bomb" to neutralize HIV"

Research Biologists at the City of Hope reportedly have struck proverbial 'gold' in the pursuit of a means to prevent the proliferation of HIV to other cells and to inhibit HIV within the host cell. The experimental treatment has been inoculated into what lead author Rossi terms as 'humanized' laboratory mice to determine whether the expected results would be achieved. The experiments lasted for several years, with administering of treatments once per week over the course of several weeks.

According to the head of the study, John Rossi, "There was no detectable virus during injection, and it doesn't come back to its normal level after." The efficacy of the treatment appears colossal as there is currently not a treatment on the market that essentially renders the HIV inactive. Rossi's team has been achieving incremental progress throughout the course of the research and appears to have found the so-called HIV kryptonite. According to Paula Cannon, a genetic therapies researcher and a colleague of Rossi, "What they've developed is a two-part warhead, and either part works very well. Now, in this study, they show the latest actually works really well in the context of a live animal which is a huge step."

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The treatment works by utilizing the designed RNA sequence referred to as the "aptamer," which relies on delivering small RNA molecules (siRNA) to the cell. These particular RNA molecules are able to target and prevent the genes that HIV attaches and controls to self-replicate. The RNA sequence attacks the virus and inserts an influx of siRNA into the cell to disable the HIV from replication.

Term Paper on City of Hope Team Develops Smart Bomb Assignment

The article appears to be accurate in its description and portrayal of the treatment and its efficacy. These researchers are certainly highly regarded biologists in their field and ostensibly they've produced a reputable study. The scientific methodology involving observation, hypothesis testing, experimentation, findings, and conclusion, appear to be followed in great detail. More importantly, the time line of the study is sufficient to point to a large body of data generated with regard to the results of the treatment.

The scope of this research will affect most everyone's life, across the globalized world we share. Certainly, not all have HIV however, all are subject to being at-risk of contracting the virus and therefore the ability to prevent the spread of the virus is a tremendous breakthrough. The researchers also indicate progress toward what is essentially a cure to the disease. The fruits of this research have led to progress in other pertinent research, a benefit of initially conducting the research. Biology is the function of the human system and its interaction with environmental variables. This newspaper article captures and defines the most intricate of virus' and the ability of the body to produce its own cure, essentially, with the aid of human manipulation.

"U.S. Bioethics Commission Gives Green Light to Synthetic Biology"

Source: The New York Times. December 16, 2010 Thursday. Byline: Andrew Pollack

A new field has emerged within the subject of biology -- synthetic biology. Through the manipulation of DNA, new organisms can be created, a type of synthetic creation similar to the idea behind the genetic manipulation of the famous cloned sheep, Dolly. As with any new development in the sciences, the presidential commission on bioethical behavior has analyzed and ruled on this particular case and ruled against instituting further restrictions via regulation on activities related to synthetic biological research.

The committee based its ruling on the premise that the program cannot be too harmful considering its relative infancy in development. A report released by the commission provides recommendations to enable the synthetic biologists to self-govern their activity and for greater coordination between federal agencies that have oversight authority over this type of research and the synthetic biological research scientists.

The commission does not want to hold a moratorium due to the stagnation of beneficial research that may be produced by scientists delving into this field. Rather than risk the potential reduction of scientific knowledge from such research, the commission proposed the research continue with strict oversight by the researchers involved and further corroboration with appropriate federal agencies. A number of incredible benefits are developing from the research into this nascent field. The engineering of microorganisms is being performed to produce biofuels and develop medication to treat malaria. Conceptually, the dream… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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