Civil Death and the American Essay

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Again, there is no nobility seen in the eternal struggle to survive -- no sense of "rising from the ashes" in some glorious and inspiring fashion. Instead, this photograph depicts the harsh reality of a city largely lain to waste and people that, despite being newly freed and ostensibly enfranchised, are left with only the barest elements of survival in a most ignoble and undignified fashion. This is the post-crashed world that Whitman foresaw, the aftermath of sieges and shellings such as those witnessed by Dora Miller, and the concrete reality that lays at the end of the road of abstract principles Garrison imagined to exist. Dealing with death became a way of life for an entire generation, and it did not serve to reunify the nation or to cement principles but only to degrade old perspectives and ways of life.

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The taboo nature of bodies in the Victorian Era could not persist during the Civil War in the United States. Constant confrontations with death and with the effects of violence on the body made these abstract and oft-avoided topics a harsh yet simple fact of daily life for many, and no on escaped knowledge of the death and destruction of war entirely. Nor was there any real healing or growth of strength in the wake of these deaths -- only a continued slogging on, with a new but hard-won wisdom regarding the precious nature…
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