Civil Failure: Republican vs. Democrat Polarization Essay

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Despite the positive public perception of veterans, mismanagement at the department has created a negative perception of the management of the VA, which has been beset by a series of scandals in terms of how it allocates funds in providing services to the nation’s veterans. The scandal serves to undercut trust in the agency, the administration, and the government as a whole.

Republican and Democratic Differences

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The American public has become increasingly divided, as is mirrored by the differences between the Republican and Democratic parties. Abortion most notably is one of the most polarizing issues between Republicans and Democrats. While Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, there are still concerns about the willingness of Republican-controlled state legislatures to place restrictions upon the ability of women to obtain abortions. For example, the recently introduced “Virginia House Bill 2491 would roll back a number of requirements, including a 24-hour waiting period and a mandate that second-trimester abortions take place in a hospital” (North, 2019, par.1). The change in sentiment has nothing to do with a change in public sentiment, but is solely determined by changes in the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats. The right to choice has become less of a debate about privacy, or women’s right to autonomy, and functions more as an ideological football between Republicans and Democrats to demonstrate their relative power in government (or the lack of power of the opposing political party). The dominance of so-called red constituencies in the South and Midwest also has created a radical divide in terms of women able to exercise their legal right to choice on a state-by-state basis.

Essay on Civil Failure: Republican vs. Democrat Polarization Assignment

Similar polarization is manifested in regards to immigration. Given the Trump Administration’s determination to effectively stake its reputation upon an anti-immigration stance and the construction of a border wall, Republicans in Congress have found themselves having to effectively dig in and support a very anti-immigration stance. Republicans have been accused of fear-mongering in regards to violent immigrants (Downie, 2019). Democrats have taken a more diverse stance, but oppose the border wall and stress the need to avoid stoking the fires of fear and racism against immigrants. Once again, the debate has been painted in black-and-white colors, rather than offers effective solutions to balancing the need for security versus the need for compassion towards people who have made a contribution with their labor to the American economy, and who serve a needed function in certain industries.

This disgust at the polarization of the American political parties and in the electorate is likely to result in more dysfunction in government in the future. This may favor the Republican Party, given that disgust at the system as a whole and its ability to govern often results in a reaction against government agencies and government power. On the other hand, given that Republicans retain control of the executive branch, there is still a possibility Democrats my benefit.

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