Civil War in America Term Paper

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Civil War in America

The American Civil war in that ran from 1861 to1865 was reported to be one of the most violent times in the American history. During this period, more than 700,000 men gave their lives for their country because of the war. Most people thought that the civil war ended after the military defeat of the south, unfortunately, this is not true because the war is still reported being very present in America today (McPherson, 2001). Research showed that the war was significant to the American people because it was able to resolve two major important questions which were left up in the air or unresolved by the revolution. These two major questions included;

(a) Whether America was to remain a dissolvable amalgamation of sovereign states or just an inseparable nation that has a sovereign state government (Barker, 2009).

(b) Whether the U.S., born of a declaration that all the American men were created with the rights to liberty was to continue existing as the leading slaveholding country across the world (Barker, 2009).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Civil War in America the Assignment

The Civil War in America is reported to have been caused by several issues and events. The main issue was that, the North America did not want to tolerate slavery as part of the fabric within the U.S. society, despite the fact that the political powers in Washington had planned of abolishing it during the American Civil war. Slavery in U.S. was a major burning issue which was renowned to have led to the disruption of many Unions formed. The war started as a result of rigid differences which existed between the free and the slave states above the power of national government to help in prohibiting the slavery in the various territories that had not become states. The other issue that resulted to the U.S. civil… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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