Civil War the International Law Term Paper

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(UN intervention in Somalia and Mozambique: why success is not always cast in stone)

The failure of the peace implementation policy is attributed to the presence of spoilers, factions or leaders contradicting the peace agreement and exerts force those oppose the peace agreement and apply coercive force to undermine that. The opposition of the neighboring states opposing the peace agreement and assisting the spoilers also contributes towards the failure. (Implementing Peace Agreements in Civil Wars: Lessons and Recommendations for Policymakers)

Strategically, the international community is required to be agreeable to back the intervention into some internal disputes. Interventions also are required to plan for success. They are also required to follow through with plans to execute any peace solution that may be accessed. The effective interventions are required to be aware of the mode of taking advantages of the connection between the diplomacy and military force. The diplomatic interventions are strengthened by the military power and the simultaneously the military forces necessitate diplomacy to put forth its objectives and interests. Hence the military intervention is seen to be more effective when deployed in the circumstances of a continuing political peace process. (Lessons on Intervention)


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Civil War the International Law Assignment

Implementing Peace Agreements in Civil Wars: Lessons and Recommendations for Policymakers. IPA Policy Paper Series on Peace Implementation. Center for International Security and Co-operation. Stanford University. May, 2001. Retrieved from Accessed on 7 May, 2005

UN intervention in Somalia and Mozambique: why success is not always cast in stone. Global Dialogues. Vol: 5; No: 1; May 2000. Retrieved from Accessed on 7 May, 2005 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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