Civil War Scenes Scene One: An Affair Essay

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Civil War Scenes

Scene One: An Affair at Coulter's

This scene should take advantage of the stage and side balconies. The parts that should be played in the scene include Captain Coulter, the General, the Colonel, and the various messengers. The scene will open with the discussion taking place in the left balcony. Characters will enter and exit as necessary. Background effects should be those of gunfire and battle. As the Colonel moves down to the battle scene, the attention should shift to the center stage where the battle is commencing. The notch will be center stage. The final scene in the house should be performed in the farthest right corner of the stage and the right balcony.

The costumes for this scene must include standard Civil war uniforms.

Light cotton fabric can be used to replace that of wool and other expensive fabrics. Makeup will be to make the soldiers appear wounded and dirty. The scenery would be a table with maps in the first part of the scene. Paper mache dirt hills and Styrofoam cannons in the second part of the scene with a forest backdrop. The final scene will be some old ruined furniture and a fake wife and child. Lighting will follow each action point and move throughout.

Scene Two: One of the Missing

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The whole of this scene is primarily a monologue on center stage. The scene will open with him trapped under the rubble and he will explain what has happened. His lines will include discussion of his current mission, previous missions, his pride at his work, and his family. Throughout the monologue, his thoughts will be interrupted by the pain on his head. Natural sounds will be playing in the background. His discussion will become less and less coherent as he dies. His costuming will be that of a typical southern scout. Makeup will include a bloodied gash on his head. Scenery is a background of trees and a woodpile burying him.

The scene will close with the other soldiers finding his body and declaring him dead. The soldiers will exit the stage in the opposite direction so as to represent them moving onto their next mission.

TOPIC: Essay on Civil War Scenes Scene One: An Affair Assignment

Scene Three: Killed at Resaca

This scene will be recreated through a telling at a campfire. The man who delivered the message will be retelling the story of Lieutenant Herman Brayle to the group of listening soldiers. On stage, it will be nighttime. The backdrop will be a starry sky with lights creating the illusion of stars. On center stage will be a fire pit (a disguised BBQ pit) with a lit fire. The soldiers will be reclining on logs and on the ground listening to the story with cups of beer and dinner in hand. Each soldier will have on their uniforms and be covered in dirt and meant to look weary.

The delivery man will tell the tale and be interrupted occasionally by one of the soldiers asking a specific question about the man and his courage. A spotlight will be placed on the delivery man. The spotlight will be dim at first and grow brighter as the story progresses. At the end of the scene, the soldiers will react to the tale with disgust and drink to the late Lieutenant Herman Brayle. The scene will end with the lights fading until only the fire is scene, which will then be put out… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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