Civilization Liberalism Term Paper

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The liberal idealism was rather naive if we are to look at what happened from the nineteenth century until now, just like Perry Rogers' book, "Aspects of western civilization" demonstrates it. The two volumes of his book present the evolution of mankind from numerous perspectives including the historic one, the social one, the cultural one and even the moral one. His is a speech which connects ethics with politics, religion, economy and science, aiming to explain, just as Zweig did, what happened and why it did not happen otherwise.

The main theme of the volumes is absolutism, just like the titles suggest it. Apparently, absolutism is a constant for both the old and the new world, despite the fact that so many things changed. Just like Zweig, he notices the important role that propaganda played in history. In addition, he analyses the various types of governing that the western civilization took, from democracy to the fascist rule. Imperialism and revolution are other concepts and historic facts which he puts under scrutiny.

Zweig concluded that the changes that took place in society were actually artificial. While the young people enjoyed their lives making use of drugs or various orgies and perversities thinking themselves to be free, the truth was that they were just as captive as Prometheus on the rock.

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Rogers tries to understand how did the western values, starting with the religious and moral ones, influence the course of western history. Despite the spiritual basis that all the political reforms had, events showed that people were killed in the name of peace and universal love, which is an absurdity. The things which came out of Pandora's Box seem to be a constant throughout history and man remains a sort of Prometheus despite the powers and knowledge which he has accumulated over time.


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