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"Have already related an instance or two of particular oppression out of many which I have witnessed, but the following is frequent in all the islands. The wretched field-slaves, after toiling all the day for an unfeeling owner who gives them but little victuals, steal sometimes a few moments from rest or refreshment to gather some small portion of grass, according as their time will admit." He states that the disconnection of a common sense of humanity between the owners and the slaves in the West Indies, as opposed to his own culture, resulted in the particular privation experienced by slaves in the area.

However, as Equiano's experience as a slave evolved, he begins, as a narrator, to harden his perspective upon slavery and to stress the psychological as well as the physical tolls his bondage took upon himself. Even after enduring the relatively more privileged, physically speaking, circumstances of slavery in the United Southern States, he still found himself yearning for freedom. His salvation from the institution of slavery ultimately came after being purchased by a British naval commander, Henry Pascal, from whom he was later able to purchase his freedom. This 'end' to the narrative of Equiano's enslavement is thus also atypical to later slave narratives of bondage, in that he was allowed to purchase his freedom from white owners, and that he was able to enter the protection of a land where slavery was less integral an institution to the national economy

Thus, freed and escaped slaves in England were less resolutely policed in their behavior.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Classic Slave Narrative of Olaudah Assignment

This also results in Equiano's somewhat more compassionate view of particular whites whom he encounters over the course of his life, as may be expected, and ultimately of the validation of Christianity as an ideology the former African native embraces, because of its perceived effects of softening the human heart of those whom he was able to buy his freedom from. However, Equiano still ends his narrative and tells his tale from the point-of-view of an advocate for universal… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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