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His aim was to make music an instrument through which poetry could be expressed based upon the situation of the story, instead of interrupting it for conventional orchestral ritornellos or florid and ornamental singing; to break down the sharp distinction between recitative and aria: in short, to get rid of all the unnecessary things which were against good sense and reason.

Carl Bach (1714-1788) and Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) were half-brothers who carved a name for themselves in classical music. Carl Emanuel Bach was very well-known in his time and it was due to his musical skills that in 1740, he was appointed 'chamber musician' and 'clavecinist' by emperor Frederick of Berlin. His music was greatly inspired by his own father and was quite ahead of it's time. In his music there are very bold harmonic progressions followed by an abrupt change of mood. His music however experimental is immensely mesmerizing not to mention very elegant and original. Johann Bach on the other hand started his career once his half brother had already established his name. He was directly influenced by his brother's skills, talent and understanding of music. This led to his appointment as music director to Count Antonio in Italy in the year 1754. But Johann decided to move to England in 1762 where his fame won him a place as music master to Queen Charlotte.

Joseph Haydn:

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Joseph Haydn was born in 1732 and died in 1809. He was appointed to Esterhazy court at Eisenstadt in 1761, where he had the freedom to experiment with new forms, styles and genres not to mention an exceptionally talented group of musicians to help him bring his experiments to life.

He was known for his musical jokes and surprise effects; he had a fondness for monothematicism and he focused on harmonic invention and motivic development. His works include among others 68 string quartets, 104 still well-known symphonies, 40 classical keyboard sonatas, and two oratorios.

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Musical eras don't just disappear at once. New features replace the old and transform one style into the other. The work… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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