Classification or Division Essay

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In the microscopic capillaries blood performs its ultimate function of transporting nutrients and other essential materials. Waste products are also removed (Gray).

The lymphatic system functions as a defense system against invading microorganisms and disease in much the same way that various military divisions act jointly and yet separately in order to defend a sovereign country. Their duties might differ, but the overall goal for each division is the same.

While the elimination of accumulated wastes might seem to be the least important of functions, it is actually perhaps among the most important and is a task that is jointly accomplished by a variety of organs. The lungs in the respiratory system excrete some waste products including carbon dioxide and excessive water. The skin also rids the body of wastes through the sweat glands. The liver and intestines excrete bile pigments that are a by-product of ongoing destruction or assimilation of red blood cells. The major task of excretion, however, belongs to the urinary system. If this system fails none of the other systems will be able to duplicate its function regardless of how extreme the joint effort might be (Seer's).

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The same can be said for each of the other systems in the body. The skeletal system provides a structure for the human body, the digestive system provides the system's operating fuel, the endocrine system provides chemical messengers that influence growth, development, and metabolic activities, the heart provides the circulation of blood through all systems. Yet, if one of the systems stops functioning, all systems are affected, and sometimes irreversibly.

TOPIC: Essay on Classification or Division of a Assignment

Even a child understands that without the functions of the heart, life will be brought to a sudden and abrupt end. But the same is true for any of the other systems although their affect upon the life of the individual might not appear as suddenly as the affects created by the heart. Without the urinary system, the blood cannot be cleansed of wastes, the heart is taxed and its functions jeopardized. Without the endocrine system, cellular communication cannot be maintained and the body's militia-like defense system cannot be adequately activated. Without the organ of the skin the body cannot be adequately protected and the kidneys will cease functioning. Without the digestive system, proper nutrients cannot be supplied to each system.

In looking at the various systems that function both jointly and separately within the body, the perfection of the combined efforts is nothing short of miraculous. It is no wonder that the classification, separation and combined efforts of the human body has been used as the model after which societies, governments and their militia have been formed.

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