Classification of Nursing Theories Research Paper

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in this theory nursing is also taken to be a maturing force as well as an educative instrument (Antipuesto, 2008).

The theory identifies four phases of the relationship between a nurse and patient. The first phase is orientation whereby the individual or family has a felt need and goes ahead to seek professional assistance from a nurse who is a total stranger .this is termed as the problem identification phase.

The second phase is identification whereby the patient starts to develop feelings of belongingness and a capacity of dealing wit the problem they are facing, create an optimistic attitude from which inner strength ensues. This is where selection of appropriate professional assistance occurs.

The third phase is exploitation where the nurse uses tools of communication to render their services to their patients who is expected to take advantage of the services being offered to him or her. Here, the significance of communication in the nursing practice, especially between the nurse and the patient is of central importance.

The fourth phase is resolution whereby the needs of a patient have been met by the collaborative efforts between the nurse and patient (Olin, 2011). This indicates that the needs and the challenges that the patient had and that prompted him to come seeking the intervention of the nurse have been met and therefore there is need for termination of the relationship for that particular case.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Classification of Nursing Theories Nursing Assignment

This theory is applicable in contemporary nursing through the development of interpersonal relationship between a nurse and a patient. Nurses are required to enter into a personal relationship with their patients as soon as they feel there is a need present. It can be applied particularly with the patients who have psychological problems. This is not only an application that is often emphasized in theory but also one that applies in the real life situations in the process of nursing. One such situation is when the patient with psychological problem comes to me as a nurse, it will be very challenging to empathize with the situation and know how to advice the patient in dealing with the situation like the post traumatic stress situations. I wil have to major on establishing an interpersonal relationship with the patient first and that way the patient will have faith in me from the bond formed. The other situation that I have come across is the formation of interpersonal relationship with a patient despite the sickness and makes him believe that it is possible for him to heal before starting to treat them. In as much as I try to be honest with them, I will give them cases of patients who have successfully gone through the same situation successfully and in that manner, there will be a formed positive relationship with me as the nurse and hence easier to give treatment to the patient and prescription and have a firm belief that the prescription will be followed.

My personal philosophy of nursing is that a nurse should be able to help their patient and must strive through whichever means to explore all possible and logical measures to help the patient. The effort to help the patient must be the driving force behind the actions of the nurse. From this paper, I have further affirmed my belief that good care can only be possible if the nurse and the patient relate well, yet the nurse must be the initiator of this mutual agreement between the client and the nurse. Without a relationship between the nurse and patient then it becomes very difficult for the patient to be open and trust the nurse who is treating him or her. This theory has helped shape my philosophy in nursing as I have examined the four phases that are involved in this theory and they point to the necessity of a patient and nurse building a relationship so as the patient can get help from the nurse.


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