Classroom Experience and Assessment Essay

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The second example I can think of is a class I took where there were only three assessments available for grading, three papers each longer than the first but all on unassigned topics only the final of which was preapproved by the professor. This type of assessment might be effective in a writing class but in the class associated with this grading/assessment style that I took my impression was twofold, one the professor limited assignments for the purpose of limiting grading individual assignments and though other assignments were assigned for the class only the final three papers were reviewed and graded. To make this even more frustrating the final paper was graded at a higher level than the first two, constituting a full 75% of the grade and required no draft review by the professor. The final paper was due the week prior to the end of the term and therefore did not allow for any alterations and/or changes to help with raising a final grade or improving the product.

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From these two very different assessment types I have garnered a clearer understanding of how difficult decision making on assessment can be for the individual professor and how difficult it must be to review and meet all the needs of both student and professor to make sure that the student outcomes are demonstrable and effective for learning and demonstrating the learning. The problem is that regardless of the assessment type the final grade is pretty much the only aspect of the class that becomes its lasting legacy of assessment. I believe in hindsight I learned a great deal more form the portfolio/interactive assessment tool class but I have found far more classes that use the latter form of assessment or some amendment of it, i.e. say adding three classroom exams to the grading pool than I have found the former. The manner in which the online interactive portfolio program aided my progressive learning is hard to measure but I know I was clearly more motivated to work in that format than I was in the paper only format (Glenn, 2011).


Essay on Classroom Experience and Assessment Are Assignment

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