Claude Monet Madame Monet and Child in a Garden Term Paper

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Salvador Dali's name is nearly synonymous with surrealist art. Dali was born in Figueres, Spain in 1904 and "had the fortune of being surrounded by several creative people during his youth" (McNesse and Dali 23). The phantasmagoric and dreamlike imagery notable in Dali's work can be at least partially attributed to the young Salvadore's unconventional upbringing with a Catholic mother and an atheist father (McNesse and Dali). Exposure to the works of the great masters solidified Dali's art career, allowing the Spaniard to transform his consciousness into brilliant works of art not just on canvas but also in installations and other avant-garde modern art expressions. The oil painting "The Persistence of Memory" is Salvadore Dali's most recognizable and most iconic. Bending watches melt over a fantasy landscape, begging inquiry into the nature of time itself. With "The Persistence of Memory," Dali blends form, composition, and meaning to convey a typically surrealist imagery of metaphysical awareness.

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Forms are the most notable elements that distinguish "The Persistence of Memory" and etch the painting into the consciousness of viewers. An absolutely mundane object of daily life is pictured as melting. The time-piece is also a symbol of the workplace and the instructional and capitalist societies. Dali's painting the watches as being formless and amoebic shows the artist's intent of warping reality and revealing alternative ways of living. The horizon is naturalistic, a line drawn about a third of the way from the top of the canvas. The lighting used in the painting uses sunset colors, with impart a soothing mood. As McNesse and Dali point out, "his technical skill with a brush remains nearly unsurpassed, even as we move into the 21st century" (107).

Term Paper on Claude Monet Madame Monet and Child in a Garden Assignment

The composition of Dali's the Persistence of Memory" is also a crucial means by which the artist conveys the central impetus to achieve metaphysical awareness. The eye is drawn to the several watches that are melting, alternating between the one draped… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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