Clean Edge Razor Case Study

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The evaluation also considered costs involved in implementing an alternative solution, costs such as manufacturing, production, advertising, marketing and any cannibalization that could result with marketing strategy adopted by Paramount, and benefits Paramount will receive by implementing an alternative solution such as increased market share with target customers resulting in increased profitability, enhanced brand name equity for Paramount and utilizing Paramount existing products to gain market share among "Maintenance users."


Nevertheless, it is recommended to introduce the product to niche market since in the long run this decision yield more constant profits and less financial impact for the company. In fact, by introducing this product to the niche market, it gives Paramount an opportunity for higher profit margins when new premium products are launched within the super premium segment. Also, the existing products can be retained and used to target maintenance users (moderate consumers). Of course, we must keep in mind that by choosing this route, the strategic implementation of a niche market product launch would mean that the product reach would not be as extensive and thus the perceived value of the product brand would not be as robust since we are not introducing it to the masses but rather a specific niche market. Therefore, although this is a less aggressive approach of marketing the product, and indeed yield a much milder growth forecast, the growth span is more predictable and stable with relatively manageable financial impact than the lather.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Clean Edge Razor Case Study Assignment

Based on the chosen positioning strategy in using the niche market route, it is recommended to use "Paramount Clean Edge" as a brand name that lay on Paramount's recognizable name as well as industry leader in personal care product. Thus, using both Paramount along with Clean Edge, brings a strong brand awareness and the notion of technological innovation to potential first time consumers from other competitive brands as well as mainstream consumers. By adopting this name, the company can continue to retain and gain more market share into mainstream users thus ultimately allowing the establishment of quality innovation and technology as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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