Cleopatra of Egypt Research Paper

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Prudence Jones theorizes that one of the reasons for the queens theatricality was to overcome language barriers in her nation and also to appear in a position of authority. "By using ritual and spectacle to convey the message, Cleopatra found yet another way to transcend barriers of language and culture" (20). To some however, this pageantry was more pomposity than a matter of royal pride or an attempt at understanding.

The people of Rome were becoming more and more concerned about the influence this foreign queen who they dubbed the reincarnation of Isis. Their leader Octavian was equally weary of the Egyptian queen and began to break apart the relationship between the Emperor and Mark Antony. Antony attempted to battle Octavian, but his followers were no match for the Roman fleets and in little time, Octavian arrived in Alexandria and began to march towards Cleopatra's home.

What happened at the end of Cleopatra's life is more storytelling and speculation than anything that can be proved. What is generally believed is that, upon seeing the destruction of her empire and believing Mark Antony to be dead or near it, the former Queen of Kings poisoned herself through the bite of an Egyptian cobra or an asp.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Cleopatra of Egypt Is Perhaps Assignment

Why is so little known about such a dynamic character in the course of human history? Historian Michel Chauveau explained it thusly: "From the purely historic point-of-view, Cleopatra is thus an empty figure without an existence of her own, the privileged but ever subordinate partner in the lives of her contemporaries" (2). Perhaps this is true. Most information about Cleopatra until recently has been in side notes in biographies of the Caesars or Mark Antony. Even in the history of Egyptian pharaohs, she is given relatively little attention. How is it then that a woman of such mystery has become so famous? More than likely, it is because such little detail is known about the woman that she has become such a source of fascination. A woman found herself in the peripherals of all these historic figures. She was instrumental in the history of Egypt and of Rome. Something about her was so compelling that she was able to bring an empire to the brink of collapse. Popular culture has answered these questions by showing this woman as an icon of sex, beautiful and selfish with little good quality, disregarding all she had done in her own right and in her own name. There are those who continue to be intrigued based upon the lies and there are those who continue to be intrigued because there are still no answers.

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