Climate Change, Divorced Research Paper

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d.). How climate change impacts the ski tourism industry is a relatively small issue to the impact on drinking water supplies, though. "The effects on natural systems will be widespread: from accelerated glacier melt, altered precipitation, runoff, and groundwater recharge patterns, to extreme droughts and floods, water quality changes, saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers and changes in water use," (The World Bank, 2014, p. 1). Water quality and availability is the most important casualty of climate change because of the universal importance of water.

Climate change affects the quality of water worldwide, because the hydrologic cycle is disrupted. Groundwater may come into contact with a greater amount of pesticides or factory runoff, when it cannot be absorbed rapidly enough ("Linking Climate Change and Water Resources," n.d.). Sediments, pathogens, and various other problems are already causing water to become more turbid, while rising sea levels is creting problems with drainage and wastewater disposal too ("Linking Climate Change and Water Resources," n.d.). As a result, a viscous cycle is created whereby more harmful chemicals are needed to treat water and make it potable for human beings. "The systems used to treat and move public water supplies require large amounts of energy, produced mainly by burning coal, natural gas, oil and other fossil fuels," ("The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources," n.d.).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Climate Change, Divorced From the Assignment

Beverage corporations are exacerbating the problem by peddling bottled water as a solution. Unfortunately, drinking bottled water is the worst possible solution. The plastic used to create the bottles is directly contributing to global warming because it is a petroleum product and requires heavy factory emissions, and also, that water must be shipped rather than consumers relying on their local aquifers ("The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources," n.d.). Conservation of water is crucial at the level of business, as well as the consumer level. Businesses remain the greatest contributors to global climate change and also to the contamination of local water supplies, which is why strong steps to regulate business are necessary to prevent the adverse ramifications of climate change.

Water is likely to become the next most contentious political issue on the planet. The reasons for many land disputes around the world are related to water resources. Wars may be fought over access to clean drinking water. Climate change has already caused an increase in precipitation in some areas, coupled with decreasing precipitation in others. This will lead to stresses placed on transportation and irrigation systems. Landslides and droughts could even impact the very same region. Industrialized agriculture is a heavy culprit of water misuse, which is why widespread changes in how people use water and how people eat will help reduce the impact of climate change. Other issues, like acid rain, are also linked to global warming because pollutants from factories evaporates with the rain and later falls on sometimes distant regions as acidic rain. This contaminates water further. There are already millions of people without access to clean drinking water. Climate change may increase the number of people who do not have access to clean drinking water, thus causing massive social and political unrest.


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