Essay: Climate Change and Global Warming

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Climate Change and Global Warming

During the past two decades, there has been an environment issue that has been developing with the climate. Some people are concerned with the fact that the earth is slowly becoming more warm than expected. For example, in the movie, "Heat," it is clear that there is a risk of dissolving the environment due to the affects of the Climate Change on the planet, which is increasing daily. From there, this film presents the idea that people need to be aware what is happening to society because the future is at risk of having major issues if global warming is not addressed properly. The movie points out that people must take notice of their environment before the affects of global warming destroy the planet, which will leave them for dead. At this point, the movie gave out a good presentation of global warming that gave real insight into the huge issue.

From there, the movie is very informative to the general public so that they can be aware of what is happening to the planet. It also points out that if a plan of action is not taking soon, the future for this planet is extremely bleak, which leaves nothing for future generations to build on or strive for. It is clear that this environmental issue would not have aroused studies and researches a few centuries ago because global warming was not a big concern until the twentieth century. This is due to the fact as time goes by, people notice the climate change that is increasing each year. Even though this study would have been conducted in other countries, almost all the world's countries and their people possess unifying attributes that make them distinct and unmistakable for any other nationality, race, culture and language. America possesses the probability of encountering this problem because of countless… [END OF PREVIEW]

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