Term Paper: Climate and Economy in Two

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In 1998, El Nino had a profound effect on the tropical rainforest in South America. During this time, "a high-pressure dome dominated weather patterns over the region, causing high temperatures and extensive drought. Tropical forests received less than 10% of normal rainfall amounts, and the typically humid forest fuels became tinder-dry (Cochrane, 2001)." This produced a number of fires, and the effect on the economy of the area was in the billions.

These fires can have a lasting impact on the environment and economy of the area, since they also "increase global carbon dioxide levels and threaten the health of those exposed to the resulting particulates, as well as causing extensive and long-lasting damage to the affected forests (Cochrane, 2001)."

Ocean Effects

The climate changes also affect the fishing industry of the country. During El Nino, there are "shortages of cold-water fish species and an increase in the availability of species from tropical climates brought by the warm ocean currents (Lama, 2003). The warmer temperatures reduce the amount of plankton in the water, which can result in a loss of millions of tons of fish for fishermen in Peru. While there is an increase in the number of fish used by the fishmeal industry such as anchovy and hake, recent markets have seen a decrease in the price for these varieties, thus further effecting Lima's economy (Lama, 2003).


The changing climate has the potential to affect the economies of both Lima, Peru and Canberra, Australia. There are currently studies underway in both cities to determine ways the climate changes can be used to benefit their economies.


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