Climate Extremes: Observations, Modeling Research Paper

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(2003). The author notes that aggregate numbers on global warming conceal the reality that warming is not evenly distributed -- there is abnormal warming at the poles, including the Antarctica Peninsula. The authors note that "climate proxies appear to show that RRR warming on the Antarctica Peninsula is unprecedented over the last two millennia." The authors note two things -- one, that they are using a proxy because they do not have data spanning 2000 years in this region, anecdotal or otherwise, and that they cannot pinpoint a cause for this warming.

The thesis, therefore, is actually quite simple: The Antarctic Peninsula is experiencing warming faster than other parts of Antarctica and faster than the global mean. They present their proxy evidence in support of this hypothesis. They also are cautious about drawing conclusions as to the cause of the warming that they found -- they do not have a mechanism by which they can attribute causation.

The significance is the research is that it contributes to a wider body of research that is analyzing climate change. The Easterling article shows how dozens of specific studies are aggregated into a broader body of evidence about the effects of climate change. The Vaughan study is one of hundreds of studies on the subject providing peer-reviewed evidence from which broader conclusions can be made.

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I would ask the authors if they had evidence of a trend with respect to the Antarctic Peninsula. They have studied the past 2000 years, but where is this part of the world headed in the future. Is there evidence that the climate is going to continue to change more rapidly there, and if so what do they think the impacts of that will be?


Easterling, D., Meehl, G., Parmesan, C., Changnon, S., Karl, T. & Mearns, L. (2000). Climate extremes: Observations, modeling and impacts. Science. Vol. 289 (5487) 2068-2074

TOPIC: Research Paper on Climate Extremes: Observations, Modeling and Assignment

Vaughan, D., Marshall, G., Connolley, W., Parkinson, C., Mulvaney, R., Hodgson, D., King, J., Pudsey, C. & Turner, J. (2003). Recent rapid… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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