Climate/Meteorology Nitrogen and Oxygen Term Paper

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Accordingly, an increase in pressure will cause an increase in density of the gas and a decrease in its volume."

6. The two types of barometers include Torricelli's and the aneroid barometers. The latter is used most commonly in the home and works with a vacuum rather than with the element mercury.

7. "Standard sea level pressure is said to be 76.0 cm or 29.92 inches or 1013.2 millibars. Scientists often use the kilopascal (kPa) as their preferred unit for measuring pressure."

8. The monsoons in Asia are caused by the Asiatic Low pressure systems that occur over that region of the globe.

9. Harmful effects of ozone depletion include increased risk for skin cancer due to exposure to UV light, increase in cataracts and other eye problems, lowered immune systems, and cooling of the Earth's stratosphere.

10. "Ozone is created naturally in the stratosphere by the combining of atomic oxygen (O) with molecular oxygen O2). This process is activated by sunlight. Ozone is destroyed naturally by the absorption of ultraviolet radiation."

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Term Paper on Climate/Meteorology Nitrogen and Oxygen Are Assignment

Fundamentals of Physical Geography: Chapter 7: Introduction…
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