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Clinical psychology and counseling psychology are the two most popular and leading fields in psychology. The professionals in these fields deal with the roots, avoidance, diagnosis and treatment of people with psychological problems. The degree of the severity causes the considerable difference of the problems (Bloom, 2000). This means that the clinical and counseling psychologists vary depending on the patients they treat. Clinical psychologists take care of patients with severe disorders, which include bipolar disorders, irrational fear and schizophrenia. Counseling psychologists treat individuals who suffer from everyday stresses such as marriage and family difficulties, academic performance and career planning.

Clinical psychology began because of a psychologist's work with a student who was a constant bad speller in 1986. In its initial stages, clinical psychology had not yet been associated with harsh disorder and emotional problems. Lightner Witmer was the psychologist working with the student and later developed a clinic where children with learning and other difficulties could be reviewed and treated. The clinic was also educational as teachers and parents would be given advice on dealing with their children's conditions. Sigmund Freud and other psychologists began instituting their own hypothesis on the treatment of psychological disturbances.

Throughout the years, many psychologists have developed their own theories impacted by their own family background, countries which they lived in and their exposure to other people during their professional career development. To date, many new theories are being developed. Clinical counseling psychology continues to evolve due to psychologists who choose different theoretical orientation guides or the specific disorder that this psychologist is a professional in treating. This in turn leads to the growth of the various subfields in both clinical and counseling psychology.

Research plays an important role in clinical counseling psychology. The professionals in this field are always doing research in order to experiment the effectiveness of psychoanalysis and to answer many other psychological questions. When answers to these questions are found, the research will aid in the growth of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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