Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century Research Paper

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Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century


Background of the Comfort Theory

The Comfort theory is one of the theories that have achieved widespread application in the clinical nursing. This theory is an example of a mid range theory that has achieved an extensive application in the clinical nursing fraternity. Kolcaba's initial analysis of the theory of Comfort aimed at focusing on the patients and not nurses. Her further analysis revealed the importance of strengthening the aspect of comfort to all the players in the nursing field. The analysis came up with three forms of Comfort; transcendence, ease and relief. Relief denotes that state in which specific Comfort needs are addressed or fulfilled. Ease is a situation when a person achieves that state of contentment while transcendence is achieved when one is able to rise above problems or pain. Additionally, it is observed that discomfort encompasses more than negative physical response. It is widely thought that different aspects of discomfort or Comfort affect holistic beings. A convergence was drawn between different domains of nursing and the theory of Comfort (Kolcaba, 2003).

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The human experience as we know it takes place in four contexts; environmental, psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural and physical contexts. The physiological and homeostatic dimensions of an individual form the dimension of his physical Comfort. The Psychosocial Comfort of an individual comprises his internal awareness that include identity, sexuality, meaning of life, and esteem. The external Comfort, on the other hand, is determined by external stimuli that emanate from landscape, light and sound (Malinowski, & Stamler, 2002).

Generic Viewpoint of the comfort theory

Research Paper on Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century Assignment

The comfort theory is one of the mid range theories which is often applied to clinical nursing. According to this theory, the comfort of the patient and the family receiving care is as significant as that of the nurse giving the care. A mid range theory such as the comfort theory is important to the nursing setting because it addresses the necessities of both the recipient and the giver of the care services. The comfort theory has a wide applicability index in the clinical nurse setting. The theory is crucial for understanding and attending to the needs of both the patients and the nurse practitioner (Kolcaba, & DiMarco, 2005).

The theory on comfort is widely used in clinical nursing because it affords the patients together with their families that amount of comfort that ordinarily inspires them to be willing participants of the healthy services promoted by the caregivers. The application of this theory also ensures that the nurses benefit in the process of their work by having patients that are happier and collaborative. The application of the Comfort theory to the clinical nursing practice nursing also contributes to low cost of care and increased patient satisfaction.

Current Research on the impact of the Comfort theory on the 21st Century Practice

Magyrary (2002) underscores the need for a proactive approach of the care and assessment of the 21st Century nursing practices. A key finding by a research conducted at the close of the 20th Century revealed that there was a close correlation between quality of care and adequate staffing. The negative aspects that often lead to trauma and illness can be countered by the application of proactive care and evaluation. The aforementioned negative aspects include pain, anxiety and depression. Documenting the nursing practice of the 21st century demand the inclusion of all positive outcomes achieved to inform the practitioners in the field of nursing on the best ways of achieving these outcomes in their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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