Clinton's Foreign Policy Term Paper

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Clinton's Foreign Policy: What was the focus of President Clinton's foreign policy? How successful was this? Explain and support your ideas with facts.

As President Clinton campaigned on a platform of 'it's the [domestic] economy stupid,' many foreign policy analysts were at first dubious, to say the least, about his foreign policy knowledge and diplomatic skills. The focus of Clinton's foreign policy was less to take on the international community with a conscious design. Rather his approach tended to be situational and collaborative. Because of the force of historical events, Clinton's administration became a kind of bridge between the bipolar Cold War world and the multipolar post-Cold War world.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Clinton's Foreign Policy: What Was the Focus Assignment

Clinton was forced to deal with the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet empire, including the subsequent nationalist conflict in the former Yugoslavia. He was criticized for not intervening sooner, on humanitarian grounds and for not asserting America's traditional, dominate role in European foreign policy. Whether this was genuinely a failure, or merely an acknowledgement of a more complex world community of regional actors and more diffuse moral responsibilities amongst the different European powers is still being debated by foreign policy analysts. Clinton was also criticized for "the Administration's resistance to appeals… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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