Clinton Presidency and Historical and Political Points Term Paper

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¶ … Clinton presidency and historical and political points the book is trying to make. President Clinton's book is a look back at his life, and the events leading up to his election in 1992, along with a recounting of his years in the White House.

My Life" is the story of Bill Clinton's life, from his birth to the current day. He writes a lot of his childhood, and some of the people who influenced him, and it is interesting to note that even as an adult, many things he did in the White House reflect on his youth. For example, when he was President he gave Congressional Medals of Honor to the "Little Rock Nine," black students who defied white segregationists to integrate schools in the Little Rock area. It seems that Clinton did not forget his roots and the people that were important to him throughout his life, and this is one of the points that he attempts to make in the book - that our childhood's influence us throughout our lives, and form the foundation of our behavior and beliefs.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Clinton Presidency and Historical and Political Points Assignment

Another important point in the book is that he was involved in some form of politics since he was young, and it steamrolled into his career. He remembers serving as a Senator in Boy's Life during high school, and becoming increasingly interested in his college years. He writes of his first roommate in college, "The 1964 presidential campaign was in full swing, and there, plastered on my door, was a Goldwater sticker" (Clinton 187). Politics filled his life, and the interest began early. Clinton's point is that often we find the things that mean most to us early in life, and while sometimes we do not recognize them, they seem to continue to play important roles in our life. Clinton clearly learned about being a politician from many different venues, but his early life, living with an alcoholic father and "keeping secrets" about the family certainly influenced him and helped him fill the shoes of a successful politician, who often has to rely on "keeping secrets" and getting along with a wide variety of personalities and beliefs. For example, Clinton was a Democrat from an early age, and as he experienced more of college life and the world, his convictions became stronger. He writes, "It made my support for President Johnson's civil… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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