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Striking up conversations with strangers is easy, especially when Noc is packed. A total lack of pretentiousness characterizes Club Noc.

Anyone who appreciates 80s Goth, Industrial, and new Goth needs to visit Seattle's Club Noc. Wednesday and Sunday are the best nights to come for the music. However, one of the things that makes Club Noc special is the Thursday night Burlesque show, which adds a visual and performance art element to an already entertaining venue. The Burlesque group is called Sinner Saints, and the over is only $12. Monday night is indie and electro dance, and Tuesday is strictly 80s. There is something for everyone at Noc, which is one of the reasons why it is a welcoming place.

Another reason why Club Noc welcomes all visitors is the prices. Cover charges are kept to a minimum. Especially considering the central downtown location near Pike Place market, the price of food and drink is cheap. More importantly, the quality of the food is spectacular for just being a club. Noc is known for its tater tots appetizer, a steal at only $5. I actually prefer the calamari, which are bought fresh at Pike Place and cooked without breading or batter to tender perfection. The big price draw of Club Noc is the Sunday night 25 cent beers. I imagine the club loses money on the beers that night, but they obviously make up for it in terms of food sales, sales of other alcoholic beverages, and the loyalty of their regular patrons.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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I am a regular at Club Noc, although I would probably visit more often if I lived closer. The club is not close to where I live, but I almost never pass up an opportunity to go. Unlike many other clubs, the atmosphere is never pretentious and always friendly. The music at Noc is also special, ranging from 80s to Goth, Industrial, and Burlesque. The Thursday night Burlesque show keeps performance art alive and supports local artists. Cheap beer and decent pub grub cinch the deal: Club Noc is by far one of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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