Cmo for the First Two Questions Essay

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For the first two questions, the biographies of female marketing executives will be the main subject to study. The target n=10. It is a good idea to have males marketing executives as a control group, to see if there are any differences. I think n=10 for the control group is also good. If we need more in the sample size to make the results statistically significant, that can probably be done. I would also consider marketing heads at subsidiaries or business units that are sufficiently large. For example, the CMO at Pepsi is male, but the CMO at Gatorade is female, and that is a billion-dollar business.

The third question will have n=20. The control will be the performance of those companies prior, so all 20 companies will have needed to have a male CMO precede the female.

There should be enough information for a 40-page paper, yes. There is a lot of research on the glass ceiling, female leadership styles and gender norms, and these are concepts that underlie the issue of the barriers facing females in the marketing profession.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Cmo for the First Two Questions, the Assignment

3) the paper will have to do a better job of tying the concepts of gender pay gap and female suitability for marketing than the one paragraph explaining the problem statement did. The paper intends to show that women are suited for executive level positions in marketing, and right now they are underrepresented at that level. There are a host of possible reasons, and those can be explained. The way to counter the different reasons for not hiring females into these positions is to have some facts to show… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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