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The term "co-teaching" is defined as the use of more than one certified teachers to a class of students, with both educators providing instruction in some form. Co-teaching offers a number of benefits including the opportunity for more individualized attention and intervention for students.

This is particularly important with second-language difficulties, special educational needs or for student who may be having a problem with a particular topic. Co-teaching also enhances the structure and management of the classroom, since a teacher does not have to delay the progress of the whole class due to needs of a few others who require special help. As educational budgets become more difficult to pass for construction and new teachers, co-teaching allows teachers to instruct larger classes and still offer high-quality education. The concept of co-teaching also provides new teachers a mentoring and support system and tenure teachers a means of acquiring fresh ideas and sharing of best practices.

Other benefits of co-teaching include greater collegial exchanges of strategies between professionals, increased understanding of all students' needs, stronger instructional programs grounded in general education content for students with disabilities, increased acceptance of students with disabilities by their peers, and decreased burnout for professionals. Within the research literature on co-teaching, several common themes emerge that are critical for this model to be successfully implemented. These themes focus on a need for communication between co-teachers, administrative support, similar philosophies, and planning time

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There are several different approaches of co-teaching, and some are more appropriate than others depending on the situation. Also, teachers and school administrators need to carefully determine when co-teaching is and is not beneficial. There are instances when an approach may present disadvantages. Acceptance of co-teaching should not be made arbitrarily just because it is in fashion or someone believes that it will remedy a difficult circumstance.

Term Paper on Co-Teaching the Term "Co-Teaching" Is Defined as Assignment

In the One Teach, One Support cooperative model of teaching, one teacher leads instruction while the other teacher simultaneously offers extra assistance to individuals who may have specific needs that keep them from automatically benefiting from or keeping up with instruction. Although both teachers are involved in the planning process for this model of teaching, one teacher is more likely to focus on content instruction while the other works to adapt or augment the lesson with supplemental supports in response to the learning and behavioral needs of individual students in the classroom. The room's layout is normally kept similar as with a traditional class, sometimes with certain students grouped together who need additional help. One teacher usually instructs the entire group while the support teacher floats, providing supplemental materials and facilitating the learning of those with unique needs. This teacher also hands out materials when necessary, makes sure that the students are in the right places in their books to follow along, understand the material that is being presented and have the necessary paperwork in their folders. This would work well for students designing a budget, where the majority of students had mastered basic fact skills, but others may need support to ensure they are computing addition and subtraction correctly. Since formal instruction is generally only one part of any lesson, during exploration or practice this model provides two teachers to assist or facilitate students in hands-on activities or guided practice.

This approach offers a number of different benefits. For example, the support teacher can automatically see if a student is following along or seems to have difficulty keeping up. It is better to catch such problems… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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