Coaches Referee and Sports Commentator Then Digital vs. Film Camera Essay

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Coaches, Referees & Sports Commentator & Digital vs. Film Cameras

Coaches, Referees & Sports Commentators & Digital vs. Film Cameras

Coaches, Referees, & Sports Commentators:

It's a common dream for children to want to grow up to be an athlete. They spend hours thinking about what it would be like to have their face on a baseball card, or get a Super Bowl ring, or sign a multi-million dollar shoe deal with Nike. The reality is most kids will never realize that dream. It takes years of practice and an innate talent to get to the level of professional athlete, which simply isn't realistic for most kids. Even though the chances of employment as a professional athlete are slim, there are other opportunities in the sports industry, such as: coach, referee or a sports commentator.

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Athletic coaches are the key to any successful team. They fulfill a variety of tasks that often determine whether or not their team will have a winning or losing season. One of these tasks is the evaluation of players for their team. Not only do coaches need to decide if a player is talented enough to play, but also that their particularly skill set and personality are going to be a good fit with the existing team members. Once they have their roster of players decided upon, coaches must then organize their teams and assign positions. Of course, in addition to these organizational aspects, coaches are also responsible for ensuring their team members are receiving instruction and practice in order to improve both their skills and their overall physical condition. These responsibilities differ greatly from that of referees.

Essay on Coaches Referee and Sports Commentator Then Digital vs. Film Camera Assignment

Although much of a coach's job happens before the game, referees' primary responsibilities lie during actual game play. Referees are charged with observing every play in the game. They work hard to detect infractions in the rules. When an infraction is noticed, it is also the referee's responsibility to impose any penalties on the player or team. Where coaches and referees are directly involved in interaction with the team, sports commentators are on the outside looking in, but still offer another opportunity to be involved in sports as a profession.

The primary skill needed for a sports commentator is good articulation. A sports commentator's primary duty is the description of the events during the game, as they are happening. This verbal description not only informs the audience about what is going on, but also provides analysis of the events -- not only what has happened but the why and the how as well. In addition to commentating on current events as they are happening during the game, sports commentators also give background information to the audience on: the sport, players, coaches, history, teams, and any other factors related to the game.

Competition for professional athletes continues to be extremely intense; however, opportunities to make a living as a professional in coaching, refereeing, and sports commentator may provide more opportunities for those who want to be in sports as a profession. Those who dream of being in sports can fulfill those dreams with the role of being a coach, by organizing the team and directing the play. Or perhaps being in the game and making sure it is played correctly and fairly as a referee is more suited to the sports minded individual. Lastly, for those who love sports but would rather watch than be in the mix, sports commentating allows the individual to be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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