Coaching and Mentoring Are Fundamental Research Paper

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Researchers demonstrate that learning contracts endow the nurse the chance to study aspects they desire to pursue, which they find interesting. Such an activity is also a medium of resolving any doubt pertaining to the nursing profession. This activity can only be accomplished if the nurse and the coach collaborate to achieve the intended objectives. This collaboration would motivate and reinforce the achievement of objectives while enabling the nurse to develop (Grossman, 2013).

Coaching strategy

This strategy will be adapted and adopted to accomplish the above coaching activity. My role as a nurse emphasizes on the strategy of advancing practice and interpersonal communication. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to have physicians and nurses working collectively as teams to offer comprehensive care. Working collaboratively demands more above knowledge concerning teamwork and teams; it demands preparedness for any inter-professional team to be developed and sustained. Coaches and mentors facilitate team development by providing a forum for continuous action and reflection. As a nurse, I recognize the value of cooperating with my co-workers. I can assume a leadership role to mobilize interpersonal teams and ensure we achieve the set objectives (Hamric, Spross & Hanson, 2009).

Mentoring activity

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The most widely known mentoring activity in acclimating nursing roles is the dyad. This refers to the association between two people. The model activity acknowledges that nurses would benefit from a team of mentors (Hamric, Spross & Hanson, 2009). As I advance in my nursing career, it will be necessary to engage in triad activities encompassing the organization, the mentor, and myself. Such a structured group model fosters an environment that would help me in acclimatizing to my graduate role. This is achieved when the mentors influence my capacity to create large networks through their support.


Research Paper on Coaching and Mentoring Are Fundamental Assignment

Grossman, S. (2013). Mentoring in nursing: A dynamic and collaborative process. New York, NY: Springer Pub. Co.

Hamric, A.B., Spross, J.A., & Hanson, C.M. (2009). Advanced practice nursing: an integrative approach… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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